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What a breath of fresh air that came along with Elisabeth LePage and Peter Coley. I met them at a Convention and listened to their approach and decided to go along with their plan. I started out on a special they were running and at the present time I pay as I go and it's working out great for me. I ask for 4 to 6 appointments per week and they consistently keep my schedule busy. I started out by mailing 5,000 cards and every two weeks we continue to send an additional 2,500 more. I have a substantial inventory of 1,260 lead cards at this moment to book appointments from. I have been able to exceed my original goals and enjoy the new found consistent activity that this appointment program has given me. It is so nice to see that there are still honest people in this crazy world today. It was extremely expensive to build this base of leads but I'm averaging better than $20 to $1 in commissions vs marketing money spent. Thank You to everyone at Premier Annuity Prospects!

- B. Miles

I have used other appointment setting programs in the past, and Premier Annuity Prospects has proven to be the best for quality leads. Their service is cost effective and delivered with professionalism and integrity.

- G. Stewart

I have been using Premier Annuity Prospects for annuity leads starting in July of 2008. I don't get a lot of leads, but I do get quality leads. The prospects know that I am coming, they know who I am, and in most cases they know why I am coming. I close about 80% to to 85% of my leads. Today is a good sample of the quality leads. I went on an appointment on Feb. 17th. The prospect knew I was coming she knew my name, and the best part is I will do business with her.

- M. Morton

I am very pleased with the program Premier Annuity Prospects offer. It has enabled me to get in front of people that have concerns and are looking for information to overcome their problems and needs. They are all very courteous and respectful to my demands. I have only used their program for a very short time and have done business with some very good clients. It is money well spent and the results have been great. I look forwards to working with their company for the long haul.

- M. Hollender

The appointments are qualified and the people know why I’m coming to their home. I did what Peter and Liz told me and ordered my mail every 2 weeks. They kept me busy each week with between 9-12 appointments. I wrote $3 million last year on the appointments from Premier Annuity Prospects.

- G. Peterson

It took about 6 months of consistently dropping mail to build my base of leads. I used to be hesitant to spend the $2000 each month but it takes that kind of volume for the program to work. There is no perfect system but I know I have 8-10 new people to see each week and it’s my job to convert those leads to sales. I made more money in 2008 than I ever had before with the help of Peter at Premier Annuity Prospects.

- K. Collins

Liz told me when I started that Premier Annuity Prospects could get me in the door, but the rest was up to me. I have an agency but I run these appointments myself. I’ve found you really need to be experienced on these appointments and be creative if there isn’t an annuity sale, maybe there is a life or trust sale instead. It is hard work, but you make a lot of money.

- J. Leighton