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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’ve paid for my program, when can I expect my first appointment?

A: Typically mail response times can be anywhere from one and a half to three weeks. As soon as your first leads are received we will immediately begin calling for you. Whenever we are calling to book appointments our first priority will be to book for the absolute closest date possible. For example if we are calling on Tuesday we will try to book for the very next day (except in California), if they are not available then we will try for the day after, and so on. So in actuality you may see your first appointment within two weeks or it may be up to four weeks depending on where in the country you are located.

Q:I received several appointments in the first two weeks but things have really slowed down since then, is something wrong with my campaign?

A: No, this is absolutely not out of the ordinary. While we would like to be able to book 10 to 15 appointments within the first two weeks it’s frequently unrealistic. When you see a rush of appointments right after your mailing this is because we were able to book with the easiest people to reach. Often it can take us weeks if not months to get clients on the phone. It certainly dose not make us happy but it’s simply a part of the game. We do are best to alter the days and times of the week that we call but that still doesn't’t mean that we will be able to get a hold of all of your leads. Trust us, just because we can’t reach them for the first few weeks does not mean that they have “gone cold,” we frequently book appointments with clients who sent in their card several months beforehand. 

Q:I just signed up for the program, what should I expect when I get to a clients house?

A: The absolute best way for you to prepare for your appointment is to familiarize yourself with the card that was sent out. This is what the client received and what they sent back to us, clearly something piqued there interest on that card. Furthermore when we call the client we book the appointment entirely based off of the card that was sent back. Your job is to go by and go over the information on that card and the client’s individual financial situation. If you are familiar with the topics listed on the card you will be much better prepared for any questions or concerns that the client might raise.

Q:What happens if I arrive for my appointment and the client is not home? Do I get billed for this?

A:If this happens we ask that you notify us immediately so that we may call the client to see what happened, and try to reschedule. We give you up to 24 hours to let us know but we’d prefer if you’d let us know while you are still at the home. This way we can double check the address and phone number to make sure there wasn't’t some type of mistake.

In a case like this you will never be billed for a “no-show.” We will have the telephone representative who booked the appointment call the client back to reschedule for a new date and time. You would not be billed until you actually went on the appointment and saw the client.

Q:When I sat down with one of my clients and reviewed their finances it turned out that they used to have quite a bit of money in an investment but they have lost a lot of it in the last year, will I be billed for this?

A:In cases such as this we consider this a qualified appointment. Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee that a client actually has the assets that they told us over the phone. When we ask a potential client whether they have cash or liquid assets over $20,000.00 we take it as their word. We would love to be able to go over specifics on the phone and get into exactly what their assets are but it’s just not feasible. When you try to qualify past this point many clients will simply refuse to answer the questions and frequently will cancel the appointment all together. 

Q:I received 10 to 15 appointments but it has been over a month since I last received one, are you still calling for me?

A:Yes, we continue to call all leads until every single one has been discredited, either because they are not interested, do not speak English, or are not qualified. It is not unusual for a client to return a card and soon after go on vacation for several months. We may have called them fifty times but they were out of town, when they return it’s always possible to book them into an appointment. 

Q:I’ve received a number of appointments and the quality was great but there just where not enough, is there something I can change on my next mailing to improve my results?

A:Yes! If there is one key fact to a successful mail campaign it’s to realize what the best demographics to mail to are. Overall, when we mail to middle income people we receive by far the best mail responses. When you try to mail to more affluent area’s you are almost guaranteed to see a very sharp decrease in your mail response rate. Besides that, more affluent clients are much more sought after and can be extremely hard to book appointments with. If you want your campaign to be successful make sure you don’t set your sights to high! 

Q:I really like the program but I just have not seen enough prospects, what can I do?

A:More mail! Many agents frequently forget that everything is all about the mail! As many people in this industry already know, it’s a numbers game. If you don’t send out mail very often you’re not going to get all that many appointments. If you don’t get very many appointments you’re not going to see many new clients, and you’re not going to write a whole lot of business! Every one of our appointments might not be perfect but there is absolutely not doubt that if you sit in front of enough potential clients you’re going to write a lot of business

Q:I’ve been running appointments for a while now and things are going great but I need some additional sources for new clients, do you offer any other services?

A:Yes, we absolutely do. We offer a full seminar system to supplement your appointment program. Better yet, if you are already running seminars, run them through us and you will receive discounts on both your seminars and your appointment programs! Our seminar system is run exactly like the top companies in the country, only our prices are even better. You simply pay for the amount of mail that you would like to send out and we do all the rest for you.