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I am very pleased with the program Premier Annuity Prospects offer. It has enabled me to get in front of people that have concerns and are looking for information to overcome their problems and needs. They are all very courteous and respectful to my demands. I have only used their program for a very short time and have done business with some very good clients. It is money well spent and the results have been great. I look forwards to working with their company for the long haul.

- M. Hollender

Pre-set Annuity appointments

Image The objective of our appointment programs is to get the agent in front of a prospect that has the requisite assets and a willingness to consider the options that the agent may present them. We aim to get the agent qualified appointments with the best annuity leads available. Do not confuse qualified with pre-sold. The Agent still needs to sell the products he/she offers. Our job is to get the agent face time with the client. Our telephone representatives are not trained as financial advisors, nor are they licensed in any state and they do not know what products each agent offers. They are specialists in booking appointments in the same way the agent specializes in products and their sales.

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imageWhen it comes to providing a consistent stream of new prospects to your business, it’s hard to beat the efficiency of seminar marketing. Premier Annuity Prospects recognizes that success begins and ends with an effective strategy to continually add new clients and that seminar marketing is a time proven method of consistently generating new prospects for financial services practices. Let Premier Annuity Prospects help fill your next series of financial seminars with qualified prospects for increased sales opportunities.

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Direct mail

imageWe stick to a very stringent policy of using demographics relevant to the senior annuity market. Premier Annuity Prospects sets the bar for obtaining alpha level targeted prospecting lists. People often ask us “What do we consider an annuity lead?” We feel that good annuity leads are people who have responded to one of our annuity lead cards and who have taken the time to return the card to our information distribution center. We offer different programs to fit in to anyones marketing budget.

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