Premier Appointment Program Details


“What is a Premier Appointment?”

Working Together Is Your Gain: Making Your Odds Work For You.

What makes this program different is its ability to draw in a higher net-worth client, while still maintaining the foundation of a great pre-set appointment. The premise of the Premier Program is that it combines the best of traditional event marketing with a fully customizable approach.

No matter how much an agent may talk about that big case they wrote last week (or last year), we all know that even the best agents are not closing these deals every appointment. Instead of gambling with your money, we have designed our Premier Appointments Program to work to your advantage, putting you in front of qualified prospects every time, so you’re not just playing the lottery, waiting to “hit it big.” The average agent is able to close one third of the appointments they conduct. By duplicating that same production throughout the year, and mixing in other factors such as referrals and seminar marketing, you could be catapulting your business into the stratosphere (an agent may be able to make the leap into the top one percent of wage earners). This is where your expertise comes in. We can consistently put you in front of qualified prospects. It’s simply up to you to sell them.

What do we mean by “qualified appointments”?

Glad you asked! The first step in securing you quality appointments, is putting you in front of informed prospects. On every mailer we include some basic biographical information about you, the agent they will be meeting with, as well as a straight-forward outline of what they should expect from your meeting. This way, the prospective client has a better idea of who you are, what you specialize in, before they even call into our appointment-setting center. In addition to this, by a pre-screening process through our telemarketing department, we can ensure that you only meet with prospective clients who meet your minimum requirements. In short, a qualified appointment means that every prospect who books an appointment should not only meets your criteria, but is also fully prepared for (and hopefully even looking forward to) your one-on-one appointment!

As many agents know, this business is frequently a numbers game. When you see enough potential clients each week, it’s a certainty that you are going to be able to close a percentage of these leads. Given this information our job as a marketing company is to make this numbers game work to your advantage by putting you in front of as many qualified prospective clients as possible. Our agents know that when they are consistently using the Premier Program they are going to get in front of 5-10 qualified prospects each week. By utilizing this approach, we are able to ensure that our agents maximize their outcome.

“How can my mailer make the biggest impact?”

Ask us about our “Hot-Button Topics.” We like to use relevant issues in our letters, just like the post card used in our standard appointment program. These will be issues that are affecting seniors country-wide now. Some of these topics might include, “will your retirement survive the economic meltdown?” or “______,” among many others. We find that using the right “Hot-Button Topics” never fails to generate a response from prospective clients.

“How do we draw these prospects?”

This brings us to what distinguishes the Premier Program most from all others: the complimentary Gift Card. With using such a forward marketing approach as direct mail, the additional offer of a free Gift Card to a local or chain restaurant, is just enough incentive for prospective clients to call and set up a meeting with you. This approach is very similar to idea of offering a complimentary meal at a seminar. Even though an agent will most likely still receive responses from a seminar mailer that doesn’t advertise an accompanying dinner, we know that the rate of respondents will be much lower than compared to a seminar mailer advertising a free meal. With the Premier Program, we maintain this effect by offering the client some type of gift certificate in exchange for sitting down with you in a one-on-one setting to discuss their financial situation and how you might be able to improve it for them.

This may seem like “bribing” prospective clients to meet with you. However, we could compare the offer of a Gift Car to the complimentary meal which typically accompanies a seminar. Let’s take a closer look at the science behind this offer with a couple of key questions.

1. How many advisors are currently in my area competing for the very same clients, offering a similar “free review” of their financial situation?
If you’re like most agents, the answer is probably too many to count. The annuity arena is becoming increasingly competitive and as always you need something to distinguish yourself from your competitors.
2. What would I pay to sit down with 15 prospects who meet my minimum financial criteria?
Essentially, you are making an investment to meet face-to-face with qualified prospective clients. These are prospects who know who they are about to meet, have specific intentions for meeting with you and are actually looking forward to it! It’s a small price to pay for the opportunity to close good business and put yourself in a position to excel.

Program Specifications: “What's included on the Premier Appointment Program?”

  • Full COLOR custom invitation printed on a large 8.5x14 / Legal Sized stock in a full window envelope
  • Appointment pre-screening & setting performed by our experienced telemarketing team.
  • All telephone calls recorded for your review.
  • Qualification Survey -- Only those responders that complete a survey and meet your criteria will be scheduled for an appointment by our telemarketing department.


  • Quick turn-around times
  • Choice of office and/or home appointments.
  • Fully customizable program

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There is a large segment of the population that will either not respond to a traditional event or are uncomfortable discussing certain matters in a group setting. Premier's Premier Appointment Program takes the best of traditional event marketing with a much more personalized and target method of putting you in front of fully-qualified prospects that want to meet in a more business-friendly atmosphere.

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