Just like anyone else with the excitement of new possibilities, I began to research the Premier Program with guarded interest. After doing the basic research of the do's and don'ts of the program, I jumped at the idea and haven't looked back. I continue to use the program and also take Premiers advice of when and how to tweak my marketing programs to achieve a constant flow of appointments and run successful campaigns.

- J.C. Shrewsbury, MA

It took about 6 months of consistently dropping mail to build my base of leads. I used to be hesitant to spend the $2000 each month but it takes that kind of volume for the program to work. There is no perfect system but I know I have 8-10 new people to see each week and it’s my job to convert those leads to sales. I made more money in 2008 than I ever had before with the help of Peter at Premier Annuity Prospects.

-K. Collins

“I’m looking for a viable option to seminars...

Is there such a thing?” Let’s find out...

ImageWith the current changes in the market and the volatile state of our economy, we are finding that seminars are no longer the most effective, cost-per-appointment basis form of lead generation. Given these times a growing number of advisors are looking for other cost-efficient and effective alternatives to group dinner seminars.

One major drawback we find with seminars is that there tends to be a large segment of the population that will either not respond to a traditional seminar invitation or are uncomfortable discussing financial matters in a group setting. A second drawback we find when dealing with seminars is the long turnaround time between sending out the seminar invitations and meeting with clients.

While our Standard Appointment Program has been the staple of Premier Prospects since our inception, after listening to feedback from many clients, we found that there were three common trends that were still not being addressed. It is with this feedback that we built our Premier Appointment Program.

The Premise of Premier Appointments was to improve upon our Standard Program by satisfying these three pitfalls. The first improvement was to cut down the turn over time (from the post office to your first appointment)to less than a week. A second improvement was to put you in front of clients that are prepared to discuss their financial options with you. The third improvement was to give the agent greater customizing abilities with their program. It is with these very improvements in mind that we built our Premier Appointments Program.

What makes this program different is its ability to draw in a higher net-worth client, while still maintaining the foundation of a great pre-set appointment. The premise of the Premier Program is that it combines the best of traditional event marketing with a fully customizable approach. As many agents know, this business is frequently a numbers game. When you see enough potential clients each week, it’s a certainty that you are going to be able to close a percentage of these leads.

Given this information our job as a marketing company is to make this numbers game work to your advantage but putting you in front of as many qualified prospective clients as possible. Our agents know that when they are consistently using the Premier Program they are going to get in front of 5-10 qualified prospects each week.

Program Details

Mail cards

ImageDirect mail cards are the first step in booking quality appointments. Good annuity leads are people who have responded to one of our annuity lead cards and who have taken the time to return the card to our information distribution center. These returned response cards are from retirees requesting information, are what we call annuity leads. We offer time tested scripts and support services for the agent to use to call the annuity leads to book his or her own appointments. It's Premier Annuity Prospect's goal to help make agents successful in the senior market, whether it's a Premier annuity appointment set by our telemarketers or by an agent who self-set annuity appointment.

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