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The appointments are qualified and the people know why I’m coming to their home. I followed the program and ordered my mail every 2 weeks. They kept me busy each week with between 6 - 8 appointments. I wrote $3 million last year on the appointments from Premier Annuity Prospects.

-G. Peterson


Who we are

Premier Prospects is America’s number one marketing source for independent agents, financial advisors and insurance agents. We offer a top selection of  time-tested direct mail programs suited to your individual needs. One of the many benefits of working with Premier is the level of education you will receive about every aspect of each of our marketing programs. Our representatives have both the knowledge and the experience to guide you each step of the way through your marketing process. We will work side by side with you to evaluate which program will be the best fit for your marketing needs.

Our history is built on a thirty-year track record of honest business and integrity in dealing with the insurance and investment industries. It is our goal to continue to serve the needs of our clients in a way that sets us apart from the rest.

We understand the hard work that it takes to generate qualified prospects and how to convert them into solid sit-down meetings. It is with this understanding that we have become the industry’s  leader in generating leads appointments for financial professionals, enabling them to do what they do best- sell.

Speaking with any one of our team members, you will find that excellent customer service is a top priority for Premier. Whether you are working with us for our Premier appointments or seminar program, you will experience the same level of attention from our staff. Each of our sales representatives has gone through rigorous training to be able to determine which marketing program would be best for you and which piece would work best in your area with your desired demographic.

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